Why Mud Spa?

Madra Mór Canine Dry Skin Remedies Are Formulated to Cleanse, Protect, and Rejuvenate Your Canine Companion’s Skin & Coat

Underneath all that fur is thin, delicate skin and your dogs first line of defense. Your dog’s epidermal, stratum corneum layer serves as the primary protective wrap. Many canine dermatitis disorders arise when your dog’s skin protective barrier does not function properly.  Nutrients & Lipids are essential for healthy barrier-protection in the epidermis-stratum corneum layer. The stratum corneum forms the major protective barrier between the body and the environment, including allergy causing agents. SkinSC#1

Studies reveal regardless of the dermatitis condition, the common denominator behind all the skin conditions is dry skin! Dry skin is exposed and vulnerable to absorbing environmental invasions, pollutants, bacteria, yeasts, and allergy-causing agents.  Epidermal disorders and poor barrier function is associated with dry skin.

skinSCimageA dog’s epidermal, stratum corneum layer is thin, thinner than yours or mine.  Humans have between 10-15 layers in the stratum corneum and a canine about 5. In addition to thin skin, a dog’s pH is more alkaline, making their skin not only delicate  but susceptible to absorbing undesirables.  

Inspired by animal instinct to detox & heal and formulated by a Natural and Organic Chemist with a back ground in Immunology, Madra Mór Muds nourish and hydrate the skin. Restoring nutrients and strengthening your dogs first line of defense! Healthy Skin Equals a Beautiful Coat! Our goal was to make a product that cleansed, protected, and rejuvenated our canine companions thin, delicate skin! What we created is nature’s way to clean and treat with Mother Nature’s finest, time-tested ingredients. 

Our fun yoga dogs represent mud being in balance with nature, their pH levels and their instincts. Every dog loves mud, now you will too with Madra Mór luxurious Canine Mud Treatments! 

We have blended the finest, medicinal clays, that ABsorb (impurities, smells, toxins) & ADsorb (nourish with vital minerals) with soothing aloe vera, and hydrating omega oils. Madra Mor mud supplies essential minerals that detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves for undesirable smells, impurities, and toxins that create problem skin with vital minerals and hydrating omega oils.  Skin shed tens of thousands of dead cells a minute. Dead cells trap dirt, sebum, & impurities that encourage bacteria and dermatitis conditions..

Nourish, strengthen, and encourage healthy cell regeneration with a hydrating Madra Mór mud bath treatment. Cleanse, protect and rejuvenate with nutrient rich mud and omega oils.

pawHighest level of Silica- Healthy Cell Regeneration-major building block in the production of collagen. Collagen the major structural protein in skin and fur.
pawMagnesium – Healthy Cell Regeneration- major nutrient for cell energy, supports cellular immunity and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects.
paw Calcium – Healthy cell regeneration and protects oil barrier.
pawZinc- One of the premier skin nutrients and helps the immune system fight off bacteria & viruses.

Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments To Feed & Hydrate The Skin
productpourAnimals instinctively seek Mud therapy to heal their aliments. Galen, the Greek Physician and Philosopher was the first to record the use of clay on sick and injured animals. 
Clay when moistened with water makes Mud. Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system; cleansing, detoxifying and healing with mud is as old as man-kind. Many people maintain health with therapeutic mud baths at resorts and spas. 
Mud therapy restores and rejuvenates the body; enhancing circulation and boosting nutrients. Madra Mor muds uses these same principles conveniently and luxuriously blended together with mother nature’s finest ingredients to achieve results tat

Cleanse, Protect & Rejuvenate  Canine Dry Skin Remedies by Madra Mór   

 Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments To Feed & Hydrate your dogs skin with essential nutrients & essential fatty acids.

Madra Mór Muds are made with wholesome ingredients according to strict Ecocert guidelines, ensuring an all-natural, eco-friendly product free of the harsh detergents that were upsetting our dogs.

An all-star list of ingredients add to the lure of the Madra Mór Mud products forming a creamy, cleansing conditioner that spreads through the coat easily rinses with no mess or fuss:

Aloe Vera
Organic Aloe Vera Powder:  A Power Powder!Excellent for soothing skin irritations from burns to parasite bites!  A remarkable healing agent that aids in the regeneration of new skin and moisturizes with Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Rice Bran Oil: Extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice, this Omega essential fatty acid naturally protects and conditions your dog’s skin with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin E. It is very beneficial for delicate and sensitive skin
Borage Oil: This natural plant extract has strong anti-inflammatory properties and contains the richest known source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega essential fatty acid that promotes healing. Borage oil is superior in restoring moisture and smoothness to both the dry skin as well as the surfactant damaged skin.

Zinc: An ingredient in many skin creams protects, soothes, and heals the skin. 

Allantion: This natural botanical extract  soothes the skin,  provides structural support and  promotes healthy cell regeneration.